Adult CPR AED First Aid Classes in Austin

Red Cross Classes in Austin 

Todays Special – $69.95 

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We offer full in-person classes or blended learning classes.  You receive the same certification for both classes. Blended learning you do the prep work at home at your own pace and watch all videos before you get to class.  In-person you watch all videos in class with our instructor.  

Healthcare professionals click here for our BLS Class

CPR Certification Fort Worth
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Same Day Certification Card

We will issue your AHA BLS eCard the same-day you complete the class

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Our 100% Pass Pledge

We pledge you will pass your AHA BLS CPR test or you can take another class for FREE!

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Guaranteed Acceptance

We are certified by the AHA, the most employer accepted CPR Certification Nationwide!

Austin Red Cross CPR Class In-Person

From: $69.95

Austin Red Cross CPR Class Blended Learning

From: $69.95

Blended Learning Class: 

  • Valid Email Requied at registration in order to access online course related information. This is an in-person and online course. 
  • Proof of Online Course Completion is REQUIRED to attend the in-person training (allow 1-3 hours to complete the online training; start on line training 48 hours prior to the in-person training) 
  • No Children Allowed – students may not bring children to an in-person class (nursing infants are an exception)
  • Online Portion – you will receive a link to the online portion of the CPR training.  If you do not receive the link please let us know.

CPR Classes Near Me utilizes local CPR certified trainers to deliver the finest Red Cross CPR Certification classes.

We offer comprehensive same-day CPR training and testing!

Red Cross CPR Certification Austin