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We are an American Heart Association Certified Training Site, offering the best BLS CPR Certification Classes. Book an AHA BLS CPR Class in Charlotte and save today!

AHA Aligned Training
CPR Certification Fort Worth
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Same Day Certification Card

We will issue your AHA BLS eCard the same-day you complete the class

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Our 100% Pass Pledge

We pledge you will pass your AHA BLS CPR test or you can take another class for FREE!

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Guaranteed Acceptance

We are certified by the AHA, the most employer accepted CPR Certification Nationwide!

Best American Heart Association AHA BLS CPR and AED Classes in Charlotte NC

CPR Classes Near Me Charlotte provides CPR classes for both cpr certification and renewal at our Charlotte office. We also offer group certifications in Belmont, Concord, Cornelius, Davidson, Fort Mill, Gastonia, Harrisburg, Hickory, Huntersville, Indian Trail, Kannapolis, Lake Norman of Catawba, Lake Wylie, Lincolnton, Matthews, Mint Hill, Monroe, Mooresville, Mount Holly, Pineville, Rock Hill, Salisbury, Shelby, Statesville, Tega Cay, Troutman, Waxhaw, and the wider Charlotte area. Our instructors are available to travel throughout North Carolina and the entire United States. CPR Classes Near Me Charlotte delivers the best training experience in a comfortable setting. The American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) course is the most widely accepted certification nationwide. With our team of instructors, you will receive the highest quality Adult, Child, and Infant CPR and First Aid classes at the most competitive prices.

Charlotte BLS CPR & AED Classes

$59.95 3 hours


American Heart Association BLS CPR & AED Certification

CPR Classes Near Me Charlotte understands that many professions now require First Aid Certification. By combining First Aid with your AHA BLS CPR Class, you can learn to act swiftly in emergencies!


Charlotte BLS CPR AED & First Aid Classes

$79.95 3 hours


First Aid + American Heart Association BLS CPR & AED Certification

CPR Classes Near Me Charlotte understands that many professions now require First Aid Certification. By combining First Aid with your AHA BLS CPR Class, you can learn to act swiftly in emergencies!

CPR Classes Near Me Charlotte Training and Certification Includes

Learn to perform Adult, Child, and Infant CPR, use the AED correctly, conduct Rescue Breath training, and apply Hands-On Chest Compressions, as well as manage Choking for adults, children, and infants. Our local instructors provide high-quality CPR classes endorsed by the American Heart Association, featuring same-day completion of training and testing, along with immediate eCard distribution.

Your AHA BLS CPR Certification card is OSHA approved and recognized by employers in various sectors, including:

Healthcare: Nurses, RNs, CNAs

Medical Office Personnel

Teachers & Educators

Childcare, Daycare & Caretakers

Coaches & Referees

Personal Trainers & Physical Therapists

Construction Workers & Electricians

Flight Attendants & Hospitality Staff

Swim Instructors & Lifeguards

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Save Now and Get Your

CPR Certification Today!

Charlotte’s Top Rated CPR Certification Classes

Learn CPR, Save a Life, Protect the ones you Love

Every year, people suffer from strokes, accidents, and heart-related emergencies. The key to saving more lives is to increase the number of individuals proficient in life-saving techniques. We value your interest in CPR Classes Near Me Charlotte for your AHA BLS CPR certification.

What does CPR stand for?

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is an essential emergency procedure aimed at restoring blood flow and breathing in those experiencing cardiac arrest or stopped breathing. It combines chest compressions with rescue breaths to maintain blood flow and provide oxygen to the lungs. Quick and skilled application of CPR greatly improves survival chances until professional medical help arrives

What will I learn in my CPR Training?

In your CPR training, you will acquire essential skills and knowledge for emergency response.
Here’s what to expect:

Introduction to CPR: Learn the significance and basics of CPR.
Anatomy and Emergencies: Identify signs of cardiac arrest, choking, and respiratory distress in adults, children, and infants.
Hands-on Techniques: Master performing chest compressions, rescue breaths, and using an AED for all ages.
Choking Management: Techniques for clearing airway blockages for everyone, including infants.
Teamwork and Legal Considerations: Understand teamwork dynamics and legal aspects in CPR scenarios.
Certification: Earn a certification CPR card upon successful completion, proving your ability in life-saving techniques for various age groups.

This thorough training prepares you to offer immediate help, potentially saving lives across different age groups until professional assistance is available.

Why Train with CPR Classes Near me?

CPR Classes Near Me Charlotte features leading local instructors who create an enjoyable learning atmosphere while teaching life-saving skills and knowledge. We also provide:

-Same-Day eCards: Your instructors will issue your eCard on the same day you pass your class.
-Widely Recognized Certification: The American Heart Association CPR certification is highly recognized by employers.
-Proven Success: We have successfully educated and certified thousands of students nationwide.


How do I get CPR Certified?

Our goal is to ensure you achieve a high-quality CPR/First Aid certification. With our in-person training in Charlotte, you can become certified in CPR and BLS in just one session. Simply register for your class, and your attendance is all we ask. Throughout your session, you will complete all the live training necessary to secure your AHA Healthcare Provider cpr certification card.

How much does CPR Training Cost?

Today, we’re offering our CPR Classes in Charlotte at a discounted rate of $59.95 (saving you $20), and our combined CPR + First Aid Class for $79.95 (also saving you $20). When searching for CPR classes, ensure the American Heart Association seal is present. Other offerings might be less expensive, but they often lack the official training credentials required by employers.

How long does CPR Certification Last?

Upon completing the class, you will be certified in CPR for two years. The AHA CPR Certification is the most widely accepted by companies nationwide.
Indeed! Enroll in any CPR Classes Near Me Charlotte BLS class to extend your certification for an additional two years. The Renewal Class and the in-person BLS course are identical.

Can I renew my CPR Certification?

Indeed! Enroll in any CPR Classes Near Me Charlotte BLS class to extend your cpr certification for an additional two years. The Renewal Class and the in-person BLS course are identical.

Who can take a CPR Class?

We encourage everyone who is able to complete the class on their own to learn CPR. The AHA sets no age limit for CPR Certification and just requires the student to complete the class, skills and test.

Can I take my CPR Certification Online?

Genuine CPR classes require in-person training. Our exceptionally skilled instructors lead engaging and swift classes. It’s important to note that most employers do not recognize CPR certifications that are obtained solely through online courses.

How long does CPR Certification take?

Every certified American Heart Association Training Site must present the instructional video in its entirety. The class duration is approximately 3 hours, after which the CPR Classes Near Me Charlotte instructor will provide you with your BLS CPR eCard on the same day!

Save Now and Get Your

CPR Certification Today!

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